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Egerin is a dedicated search engine and latest news source for Kurdish people around the globe. We have been striving to build up a reliable and trustworthy source of information in 4 major languages widely spoken in Kurdistan regions, Kurmanci, Sorani, Turkish and English. Many Kurds living in US, Europe and in Asian countries where they can’t speak Kurdish and even can’t explore much content related to Kurds on local available sources of information.

Egerin is doing its best to entertain the Kurds through Internet. Our Egerin Video feed is really great feature to explore videos at one place. All is on one, social media videos at one portal. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Reddit, it’s been so easy through Egerin Video Feed, users can explore all social media websites videos at single page by scrolling down and can enjoy all stuff at one place.

Egerin is struggling to bring Kurds at their own dedicated Kurdish search engine where they can not only search the Kurdish content, they can achieve their goal of studies, collection of information with easy algorithm of searching collective data based on your query. We have our own crawler which is crawling Kurdish news and Kurdish websites from all over the world and helping you in your queries.

Egerin is also using Microsoft services to enhance its search engine efficiency, specially photos and videos search is backed by bing and we are still improving our algorithm to facilitate Kurds with better search results and information from all around the world.