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How A YCombinator Startup Is Born: The Story Of Strikingly - Forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/morganhartley/2013/03/19/how-a-y-combinator-startup-is-born-the-story-of-strikingly/

a shot at changing the world or at least at building a product that would make it a better place They had focused so much on that vision with visions of startups like Kiva and Kickstarter that they had

HQLO | Full text | Dental pain, oral impacts and perceived need for dental treatment in Tanzanian school students: a cross-sectional study http://www.hqlo.com/content/7/1/73

tested prior to its use in the field Each interview was conducted in a private and quiet place outside the classroom was measured using a Kiswahili version of the eight item Child OIDP inventory e g During