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PLOS ONE: Science vs Conspiracy: Collective Narratives in the Age of Misinformation http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0118093

see acknowledgment section we build an atlas of scientific and conspiracy information sources on Facebook Our dataset contains 271 296 post created by 73 Facebook pages Pages are classified according to

Molecular Cancer | Full text | Survival signalling and apoptosis resistance in glioblastomas: opportunities for targeted therapeutics http://www.molecular-cancer.com/content/9/1/135

specific agents The EORTC study included a randomised control arm of patients treated with either BCNU or temozolomide that allowed the distinction between prognostic and predictive markers for outcome It

International http://content.magicbricks.com/industry-news/industry-buzz/international-industry-buzz?fromSite=toi

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Bibliography: China | history - geography | Encyclopedia Britannica http://www.britannica.com/topic/111803/bibliography

and Hans Hendrischke The Territories of the People s Republic of China 2nd ed 2006 General atlases include Nathan Sivin ed The Contemporary Atlas of China 1988 including maps illustrations essays and


provided members with the confidence to act on the HIV knowledge they received as well as fostered a sense of responsibility to be active agents in the HIV response The community groups were also spaces

Electronic Arts Intermix : The EAI Collection: Featured Artists http://www.eai.org/featuredArtists.htm

range from best selling albums to Photoshop gradients His work explores the nature of cultural production and consumption in a media and technology saturated world Charles Atlas is one of the premier

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illegale Rennszene Miamis aufmischt 20 Minutes The Power of Few Thriller Krimi Origineller Episodenthriller fünfmal 20 Minuten aus verschiedenen Perspektiven erzählt und kunstvoll verflochten 28 Tage später

Genome Biology | Full text | Intra-tumor genetic heterogeneity and alternative driver genetic alterations in breast cancers with heterogeneous http://genomebiology.com/2015/16/1/107

in approximately 15 of invasive breast cancers and is the molecular target and predictive marker of response to anti HER2 agents In a subset of these cases heterogeneous distribution of gene amplification can

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net employees appointees and contractors and agents employed by translatewiki net operators and developers and others with high levels of server access Sharing information with other privileged users is