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Liechtenstein - Wikidata http://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q347

identifier ge129818 0 references public holiday Liechtenstein State Celebration 0 references Easter Monday 0 references Feast of the Ascension 0 references Corpus Christi 0 references St Stephen s Day 0

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A thanks to all people who filed bugs this cycle to make Ubuntu better You rock People who filed bugs against 12 10 QuantalQuetzal ReleaseNotes Credits BugReporters last edited 2012 10 18 22 43 43

Genome Biology | Full text | Ancora: a web resource for exploring highly conserved noncoding elements and their association with developmental regulatory genes http://genomebiology.com/2008/9/2/R34

Akalin for comments on the genome browser References Bejerano G Pheasant M Makunin I Stephen S Kent WJ Mattick JS Haussler D 2004 1321 1325 Sandelin A Bailey P Bruce S Engström PG Klos JM Wasserman WW