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wash - definition of wash in English from the Oxford dictionary http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/wash

concrete and efflorescence off the walls Get more examples Synonymsclean cleanse sponge scrub wipe scour literary laveView synonymsclean cleanse sponge scrub mop hose down squeegee sluice down swill down

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e e preventDefault popup share hide fast When you feel like feasting on Continental food these restaurants in Delhi offer a complete palate cleanse from the local spicy fare Running the gamut of flavours from the

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draw circles or furrows around k127 framarethremca framarethra 6 A n reciting recalling mentally remembrance kol framarezaiti fra marez 5 pres act 3 1 to clear away to cleanse k398 framraomi fra mrû 6

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I had to go home and watch some real movies in my DVD collection just to cleanse myself of the disaster that is called Saint Ange and also it seemed much much longer than it s running time It was more

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times word occurs in the Avesta case meaning another form of word Example baodhô baodha 7 nNA m perfume k362 The root of baodhô is baodha It occurs 7 times in the Avesta It is neuter Nominative or

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foam that turns the pleasant bath moment in an healthy break of relax and well being a restful and regenerative experience It gently cleanse the body leaving the skin fresh velvety and pleasantly