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မ လက သင က တပ ဘ သ စက Myanmar Sign Language ភ ស សញ ញ ខ ម រ Cambodian Sign Language 中国手语 Mushobo wa Bashinkite Matwi wa Cichinese 台灣手語 Mushobo wa Bashinkite Matwi wa ku Taiwan 日本手話 Mushobo wa Bashinkite

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န မ ဘ သ 09 47 25 203 106 158 11 Talk Myanmar news Tags Mobile edit Mobile web edit 14 July 2015 diff hist Duns Paostolanas 20 57 1 27 135 33 132 Talk KAPIT XI 13 July 2015 diff hist Page Kabir

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Agehdariyên bi e-mailê http://rudaw.net/kurmanci/emails

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Mozilla holds 'fire' in naming fight - CNET News http://news.cnet.com/2100-7344-5156101.html

the giant panda and found in the Himalayas China and Myanmar The existing Firebird open source project lauded Mozilla on the name change It s all come out very happily said Ann Harrison chief technology

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of the GMS Working on Human Resource Development WGHRD 11 was held in Yangon Republic of the Union of Myanmar on 1 2 November 2012 with the theme The GMS HRD Strategic Framework and Action Plan 2013

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