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Q213383 From Wikidata Jump to navigation search Theraphosidae Q213383 group of often hairy and very large arachnids tarantula edit Language Label Description Also known as English Theraphosidae

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Plot Keywords tarantula airplane spider animal in title boy See All 14 Taglines Terror has 8 legs See more Genres Horror Thriller Parents Guide Add content advisory for parents if csm in window csm

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and includes parakeets rheas ibises herons toucans eagles falcons and doves The tarantula spider is common in Paraguay and certain types genus Theraphosa eat small avian prey Insect life is extensive

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Traumatized Traveled Treasured Tremendous Tretis Tricky Trim Trippy Triumphant True Truculent Trusted Trustful Trustworthy Truthful Twirling Tweaky Twitchy Tympanic Taipan Takahe Tamandua Tapir Tarantula


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