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lower left This image is based on observations made by the Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1979 Apollo 17 geologist astronaut Harrison Schmitt at the foot of a huge split boulder December 13 1972 during the

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Jim Lovell Himself as James Lovell Edgar D Mitchell Himself as Edgar Mitchell Garry Moore Himself archive footage Harrison Schmitt Himself Dave Scott Himself as David Scott John Young Himself See full

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Southwest Iranian languages see M Mayrhofer in Compendium Linguarum Iranicarum ed R Schmitt Wiesbaden 1988 forthcoming and G Windfuhr ibid characterized by the development of proto Iranian dz θr and št d s

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Thompson SG Deeks JJ Altman DG 2003 557 560 Kraybill ML Larson EB Tsuang DW Teri L McCormick WC Bowen JD Kukull WA Leverenz JB Cherrier MM 2005 2069 2073 Nelson PT Kryscio RJ Jicha GA Abner EL Schmitt FA Xu

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Schmidt UH Kumwilaisak K Bittner E George E Hess D 2008 973 977 Chen L Hsiao A 2008 e294 e297 Nolan J Soar J 2008 279 286 Tentillier E Heydenreich C Cros AM Schmitt V Dindart JM Thicoipe M 2008 30 34

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5 Aldrin Edwin E Jr 1930 5 Slayton Donald K 1924 1993 4 Clarke Arthur Charles 1917 2008 4 Schmitt Harrison 2 Countries of Publication 6 View the Countries List below for more details Map View Low High

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