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gadget news events rise of the machines eventshow 30340564 cms03Ever felt lonely on the dance floor Check out this musical robot developed by the EPFL called BlueBotics which are able to act autonomously

AVM violating license of the Linux kernel https://fsfe.org/news/2011/news-20110620-01.ku.html

produces children s web filtering software Both companies use the Linux kernel which is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 GNU GPL a Free Software license permitting everyone to use

International Breastfeeding Journal | Full text | Poisonous milk and sinful mothers: the changing meaning of breastfeeding in the wake of the HIV epidemic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia http://www.internationalbreastfeedingjournal.com/content/5/1/12

of bad breast milk was closely associated with the experience of bad motherhood Guilt and regretBreastfeeding was experienced by many mothers as an act that was morally wrong or bad Some talked about

Ruhi Singh condemns the appalling Taliban assault - Archives - MUPH - Beauty Pageants - Indiatimes http://beautypageants.indiatimes.com/muph/archives/Ruhi-Singh-condemns-the-appalling-Taliban-assault/articleshow/45558793.cms

militants attack on an army run school in Peshawar Pakistan as sickening and appalling Its devastating to hear that terrorism is now targeting the lives of small children My heart shudders at the very thought

Fast forward into trouble | World news | The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2003/jun/14/weekend7.weekend2

the message lost Downtown at the southern end of Norzin Lam high street a wriggling crowd of children press their faces to a shop window Inside the headquarters of Sigma Cable the walls are papered with

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine | Full text | Losing fat, gaining treatments: the use of biomedicine as a cure for folk illnesses in the Andes http://www.ethnobiomed.com/content/10/1/52

believe can cause illness Likewise the a being who steals the blood and fat of humans is said to speak with the devil which is also tied to the act of making payments through some kind of anti social

SJTREM | Full text | Effects of first aid training in the kindergarten - a pilot study http://www.sjtrem.com/content/19/1/13

decide and to act on their own One child played an unconscious victim Children from the study group were tested two months after course participation The children s performances in a first aid scenario

Munin: Predictors of Workforce Attitudes to Including a Child Perspective in the Treatment of Mentally Ill Parents http://munin.uit.no/handle/10037/4130

Norwegian authorities have in 2010 made several changes to existing health legislation the Health Personnel Act in order to increase early identification of children who have parents with a mental illness

Pediatric Rheumatology | Full text | Elevated levels of CXCL10 in the Periodic Fever, Aphthous stomatitis, Pharyngitis and cervical Adenitis syndrome (PFAPA) during and between febrile episodes; an http://www.ped-rheum.com/content/11/1/38

a febrile episode and a second sample between episodes In children with pneumonia the first sample was taken shortly after admission and a second sample after full recovery ResultsA total of 22 children with

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under Right To Education15 Apr 2015 02 26 PM ISTThe Academic Authority of the State of Nagaland under the RTE Act 2009 for Elementary Education has reviewed the Non Detentio More Slideshows More Videos