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والسياحية للبلاد بلغ عدد سكانها حوالي 3 4 مليون نسمة وهي ثاني أكبر مدن البلاد بعد مدينة الرياض English Jeddah also spelled Jiddah Jidda or Jedda is a Saudi Arabian city located on the coast of the Red Sea and

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Ltd Valuemart Info Technologies Ltd Vaishnavi Gold Ltd Venkat Pharma Ltd VCCL Ltd Vision Corporation Ltd Valuemart Retail Solutions Ltd VCK Capital Market Services Ltd Virgo Global Media Ltd Venus


Barents Sea the NEAC spawns along the Norwegian coast particularly in the Lofoten and Vesterålen region Thus NEAC may at times be found in areas which are also inhabited by the more stationary Norwegian

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teacher arrested for aiding exam cheat Cong BJP flay Kejriwal admission Hyderabad Man arrested for threatening to h Man held for smuggling gold worth Rs 52L at CBI arrests enforcement officer for briberyRs