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IMDbPro Papillon 1973 R 151 min Biography Crime Drama 16 December 1973 USA 8 1 Your rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 X Ratings 8 1 10 from 83 265 users Reviews 156 user 53 critic A man befriends a fellow

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edit Wikinews edit Wikiquote edit bswikiquote Leptir cswikiquote Motýl dewikiquote Schmetterling enwikiquote Butterflies fawikiquote پروانه frwikiquote Papillon hewikiquote פרפר hrwikiquote Leptir

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euskara Almirante gorri فارسی دریاسالار سرخ suomi Amiraali perhonen français Vulcain papillon Frysk Nûmerflinter Gaeilge Aimiréal dearg Gaelg Ardmarragh jiarg עברית נימפית הסרפד hornjoserbsce Krejenk magyar

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Papen Papenberg Papenbrock Papendick Papendieck Papendorf Papenfuß Papenhagen Papenheim Papert Papesch Papi Papic Papillon Papin Papke Päpke Papok Papp Pappa Pappalardo Pappas Pappe Papperitz Pappert

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cost_type_link http www filimo com profile account package uid XAkfW if filmInfo mHxsj filmInfo mHxsj new Array filmInfo mHxsj name پروانه سیاه filmInfo mHxsj en_name Papillon Noir Black Butterfly filmInfo mHxsj

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Południowego Kwiatu Reden und Gleichnisse des Tschuang Tse Le rêve du papillon oeuvres Rijdend op een wolk sacred books of China Sammlung The Sayings of Chuang Chou Sinfonie für einen Seevogel und andere Texte

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you keep up the fight to make a better America And to any right wingers reading this possibly gloating I quote the movie Papillon Hey you bastards I m still here You re not going to be rid of us that